My name is Carlo Berti. I am from Italy. From Ravenna, small town, close to the Adriatic Sea. How I ended up here and why I’m a Uni student, there are a series of reasons.

We arrived in April 2015. I went back to Italy for few months so I've been here overall for one year, and a half.

I was happy to return to NZ because, in many ways I would like to live in Italy more than here but then again you know there is also the the annoying stuff. I was back in Italy just for the holidays, basically for research, so there was no need to look for a job or anything so we can enjoy it. I knew If I had to go back like to look for something that would have been way more annoying. But Italy is always Italy.

You have to take the good things and the bad things.

I grew up in a medium sized town in Italy but, compared to New Zealand, it’s large.

Childhood can be good in Italy. Pretty much fun and I grew up close to the seaside so that’s always good. You have a lot of holidays in Italy as a student. In my family, I have my father, mother, my brother, two Grandmothers and one uncle. It’s actually pretty small family for Italian standards I have to say.

For my object, I have my Italian coffee machine. You can buy it in New Zealand too but I bought this from Italy.

You see the little guy on the machine? That’s Bialetti, the guy who invented the machine decades ago and he recently died. He asked that his ashes be put in the machine. It was in the newspaper and he had a sense of humour you know. I bought this one in Italy. We all have a few of these in Italy. I use it four or five times everyday.

Do I feel home here? It's a hard question?

I feel fine at some level. I found the environment at the University friendly, so I have good relationship with a few people that are involved in my project. I have my girlfriend so everything is a bit easier. I do not find myself comfortable in New Zealand. Society here in general is not for me. It’s very different where I come from and I really like the aspects of Italy about socialising and social life and it's very different here. I probably also had a different idea coming because they all told me it was going be similar to Italy, that everyone is extremely friendly and open.

It was different, in my experience, in the sense that it is not what I need in a place and not what I expected compared to where I’m from.

Well, I also realise that I am in a big city and I am foreigner and it’s always difficult. I was in Germany and it was not easy there either.

I briefly lived in Germany and in the Canary Islands in Spain for a University exchange. That was a totally different experience because you find yourself you are among a huge group of students.

I am not staying in New Zealand. I decided that on the first day.

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